3 Sided Football
World Cup 2020

Saturday, 2nd May 2020 @ Dulwich Hamlet, London
Postponed Until Further Notice

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It’s coming home
London will host the 2020
Three-Sided Football
World Cup
What is Three-sided football you ask?
Three Teams
Three Goals
One Ball
On A Hexagonal Pitch
This May, the three-sided football world cup comes to the UK for the first time. Taking place at Dulwich Hamlet’s Champion Hill Stadium in London on Saturday 2nd May 2020, the competition will see 12 teams from around the world battling it out on a hexagonal pitch for a chance to raise the coveted trophy.
This is the third edition of the tournament. The inaugural three-sided football, or '3SF', world cup took place in Silkeborg, Denmark in 2014 and was won by the Danish team, with the second world cup taking place three years later in Kassel, Germany. The 2017 competition was won by South-London team New Cross Irregulars who will this year defend their trophy on home turf.
3SF was invented by Danish situationist and artist Asger Jorn in the 1960s to demonstrate how human behaviour changes when removed from an ‘us v them’ mentality. In a game of skill, strategy and deception teams ally with one another during the course of a 60-minute game to score into any of the three goals on the pitch. But with three teams competing, alliances can be formed and dissolved again in minutes, sometimes seconds, making for an exciting strategic game.
A grass roots, mixed gender sport, 3-sided football is free to play, free to attend and open to all. For many the sport represents a friendlier, more inclusive version of the beautiful game.
Since its founding the sport has spread to France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Australia, Columbia, Norway, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Malaysia and, of course, the UK where a three-sided league runs in South-East London every month. Many of these nations will be represented at the London 2020 world cup at Dulwich Hamlet FC. Kick off is at midday, we can’t wait to see you there!
For more information on the upcoming tournament and the history of this unique sport please check out our FAQ's or get in touch.